Operational Technology
Learn the peculiarities of computers that interact with the physical environment.
What to expect

The OT course is a combination of lectures and hands-on cyber exercises with industrial control systems and physical protection systems. There will be a morning break, lunch break, and an afternoon break during each day.

  • Security operation center staff
  • Incident responders
  • Reverse engineers
  • Software engineers
  • IT Staff responsible for operational technology or coordinating with OT/operations staff
  • Cybersecurity staff with some responsibility for OT systems
  • Operations staff who are responsible for OT/ICS/process systems
  • Managers responsible for coordinating incident response, training, or who have an interest in how OT cybersecurity could fit into your organizational construct

If you are unfamiliar with operational technology, this course will provide you with a baseline knowledge of cybersecurity topics related to OT. If you are familiar with OT, this course will provide you with hands-on exercises that allow you to interact with key ICS devices in a way that will bolster your knowledge around related cybersecurity topics.


In-person events

  • We will provide enough equipment to allow small groups to work together to complete the exercises.
  • If you have a laptop with internet access and a Kali Linux OS and would like to bring it, please do.
  • Be sure to bring a laptop with a web browser for the collaborative exercise, if you are coming to a Foundry event!

Online events

A Setup Guide will be provided in the participant portal.